• (Ava knocks on Order's door with Jessie in her hands)

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    • Ava: It's an execution! They're gonna hang Jesse in front of everyone! I caught him breaking into my house and attempting to flee with Jessie!

      (They go to EnderCon and see Jesse standing on a stool with a noose around his neck)

      Gerald: Jesse, you are being hanged for the following crimes: Kidnapping, breaking and entering, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, alcohol abuse, and causing the deaths of over 7 million people. You have assisted many crimes aswell. You will now be put to death. Any last words?

      Jesse: Wanna hear a joke? Your sad, pathetic life.

      Gerald: I see. Now I will return the favor and tell you a joke. Do it!

      Kyle: (kicks the stool causing Jesse to be hanged; he squirms around)

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    • Order: *Looking away*

      Narrator: *Calm, unfazed stare* They don't usually squirm when being hanged.

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    • (Jesse breaks the rope)

      Gerald: I wanted you to suffer. Feel pain. (Grabs baseball bat) But this'll do

      [Kill Jesse]

      [Let him suffer]

      (Gerald hits Jesse in the head with the baseball hat and hears his skull crack)

      Ava: Let him suffer!

      [Swing Again]

      [Let Him Suffer]

      (Gerald hits him again and chunks of brain go everywhere)

      Kenney: Get it over with!

      [Finish him off]

      [Let Him Suffer]

      (Gerald swings again)

      Kenney: He's down!

      [Keep smashing]


      (Gerald continues to beat his head in until his brains are all over the floor)

      Gerald: That's for everything you've done.

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    • Narrator: *Still unfazed and hiding Order from seeing any of this* Do we have to clean that up or will someone else do it?

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    • (A week has passed; everyone has got together to buy Jessie a huge chocolate cake to celebrate her having a new family)

      Gerald: Mmmm, chocolate! And you get you smash and devour it all by yourself!

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    • Order: Would someone actually smash a cake instead of devouring it? Wait don't answer that.

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    • Jessie: It wooks swo gwood!

      Gerald: Then eat it!

      (Jessie smashes the cake up and then devours it as if she hasn't eaten in weeks)

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    • Narrator: *Staying away from the majority of people* Wow.

      Order: *Laughs* The magical powers of cake never cease to amaze!

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    • (Jessie is now covered in chocolate)

      Jessie: Mwy cwothes are diwty!

      Gerald: And?

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    • Order: Ava? Should I get Jesse a change of clothes?

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    • Gerald: Yeah. Because we're gonna go get fried chicken! Everyone hop in the car!

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    • Order: *Quickly gets Jessie a change of clothes*

      Narrator: *Follows the others*

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    • Gerald: Kenney, what are you getting?

      Kenney: Gimme a number 6 with extra dip.

      Gerald: Ava?

      Ava: Gimme a number 8.

      Randy: Gimme a number 10 like my woman.

      Kyle: I'll take a number 10 too.

      Gerald: I'll have 2 number 10s, a number 10 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 8, a number 7, two number 45s, a number 9, and a number 33.

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    • Order: *Oblivious to the whole thing because she's doing something on her phone*

      Narrator: *Mutters* I can't believe their numbers go to 45..

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    • Gerald: (Hands Kyle and Randy their burgers)

      Randy: Aw yeah! Can't wait to eat this burger!

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    • Gerald: (passes Ava her food)

      (Jessie tries it and spits it out)

      Jessie: Ywuck!

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    • Order: *Laughs* Welcome to the land of hating salads!

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    • (Jessie digs into her kids meal)

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    • Order: *Drinking some tea* (The place had tea, right?)

      Narratr: *Stares off into the distance but still listening*

      Order: Hmmm

      Narrator: "Hmmm" what?

      Order: Why do I never see you try anything new? Like, as in foods and drinks?

      Narrator: Let this be a happy moment. Don't ask. (Idk I just wanted more talking)

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    • Jessie: Dwink!

      (Drinks some of her soda)

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    • Order: *Starts telling a punch of food puns*

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    • Gerald: Eggscellent work.

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    • Order: *Bows* I might run out of puns soon, so I might have to wing it. *Gestures to a chicken wing*

      Narrator: Dear gosh no...

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    • (Jessie falls asleep on Ava's lap)

      Gerald: We best drop sleeping beauty off real quick.

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    • Order: Yep.

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    • Gerald: Who's for a game of Euchre?

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    • Narrator: *Tilts head in confusion*

      Order: I'll play!

      Narrator: Do you know the rules?

      Order: Not at all!

      Narrator: *Starts googling it on his phone*

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    • Jessie: (wakes up)

      Gerald: You're awake.

      Jessie: Hungwy!

      (Gives her her chicken wrap)

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    • Order: *Looks over Narrator's shoulder* Did you find anything?

      Narrator: UMM... I'm trying.

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    • (Jesse is somehow alive and is holding a baseball bat)

      Kenney: Lemme handle this. Jesse, why couldn't the skeleton go to the prom?

      Jesse: Because he had noBODY to go with! Now, lemme get Jessie! Lemme get my daughter!

      Kenney: No. Because he was ugly, fat, and no one liked him.

      (Jesse laughs for 10 minutes straight and has a cardiac arrest)

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    • Randy: Well... That was weird...

      (Gerald shoots Jesse in the chest, then head, then stomps on his face five times)

      Butters: Dad, I have a question.

      Gerald: Ask me, buddy.

      Butters: Why did you choose to adopt?

      Gerald: Well, son... Me and your mom actually tried to get pregnant... six times. Five of them were stillborn, and then our beutiful daughter... (starts to cry) Mariana... died 10 days after she was born. Our first healthy baby died.

      Butters: I'm... I'm sorry dad.

      Gerald: You don't need to be sorry, buddy.

      Ava: Mariana... Mariana Donovan?

      Gerald: Yeah.

      Ava: There's a girl in the orphanage called Mariana Donovan.

      Gerald: What?

      (Gerald and his family drive down to the orphanage)

      Gerald: Is there a Mariana Donovan here?

      (Gerald notices a girl with brown hair and a tag that says MARIANA DONOVAN on it)

      Gerald: (Tears of happiness) Mari!

      Orphanage worker: She was found seven years ago. She was pretty ill. We took her in.

      Gerald: That's my daughter! The hospital pronounced her dead!

      Orphanage worker: Names?

      Gerald: Gerald and Sharon Donovan.

      (Mariana notices them; Gerald smiles and waves)

      Mariana: Am I getting adopted?

      Gerald: Even better. It's a reunion.

      Mariana: Huh?

      Gerald: We're your birthparents. The doctors thought you were dead. You're my daughter!

      Orphanage worker: Okay. Take her.

      Mariana: You're my... real dad?

      Gerald: Yeah!

      (The two hug)

      Gerald: I thought you were dead!

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    • Order and Narrator: That happened.

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    • Jessie: ho dat?

      Gerald: It's my daughter!

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    • Order *Sarcasm* Cue sudden rivalry or something.

      Narrator: Pfft.

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    • Gerald: Mari, is there anything you want?

      Mariana: Well... I am really hungry.

      Gerald: Who's for some more buckets? Dinner's on me!

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    • Order: I'm.. just gonna go home, if that's good.

      Narrator: *Nods to the others and walks in the direction of his own house*

      Order: *Follows*

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    • (Gerald buys a meal for his daughter)

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    • Order: *Enters their house* I wonder how Jesse was there. Didn't they execute him?

      Narrator: Yes. And I watched it; that man was dead.

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    • (Gerald discovers a command block)

      Gerald: That's how.

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    • Order: *Looks down* I sense... a command block, actually. That must be how.

      Narrator: So there's a command block.

      Order: Yep.

      Narrator: Should we go find it?

      Order: Probably. *They go in the direction of the command block*

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    • (Jesse respawns)

      Ava: What the hell?

      (Jesse punches her in the face, grabs Jessie, and runs)

      Gerald: AVA! YOU SON OF A GODDAMN! (Chases after Jesse)

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    • Order: *Notices and chases after Jesse* NARRATOR!

      Narrator: *Sprints past Order and is catching up to Jesse* ORDER! I'LL DEAL WITH JESSE! FIND THAT COMMAND BLOCK AND MAKE SURE HE CAN'T RESPAWN!

      Order: *Turns and runs to where she knows the command block is*

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    • Jesse: You think you can escape me? No! I hate you, and I'll make sure you suffer for what you did to me!

      (Jesse sits Jessie in her highchair and brings out a plate of potatoes)

      Jesse: First things first, eat these! I know they give you a stomach a stomach ache but I don't care! I don't care about you at all!

      (Jesse points a gun at his daughter's head as she eats the potatoes)

      Ava: Gerald! Wait up!


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    • Narrator: *Bursts in* JESSE, STOP!

      (Somewhere Else...)

      Order: *Trying to override the command block's commands* C'mon... c'mon...

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    • Jessie: Hwelp me!

      (Gerald knocks the door off its hinges and Ava walks in)

      Gerald: You filthy... no... I'm gonna kill you.

      (Gerald kicks Jesse in the stomach)

      Jessie: Mwomy!

      (Gerald repeatedly punches Jesse in the stomach until he coughs out blood)

      Gerald: You're the worst kind of filth, Jesse.

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    • Narrator: *Snatches Jesse's gun* Gerald, do you want to use this on him, or should I destroy it?

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    • Gerald: Batter up. (Knocks Jesse out with a baseball back; wakes him up, and puts him a room with the temperature at 1,000 degrees)

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    • (Gerald brings Jesse out)

      Jesse: Stop! Please!

      Ava: Why? So you can murder your daughter!

      Jesse: Please! I'm sorry!

      Gerald: It is too late for sorry!

      Jesse: Please don't kill me!

      Gerald: We're killing you!

      Ava: I agree.

      Kyle: I hate him too but that does not make this right!

      Mariana: Dad, please don't become a killer!

      Gerald: You're the swing vote, Order. What's it gonna be? Kill him or spare him?

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    • Order: *Disables respawn* I... um... *Expression hardens* Kill him.

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    • Jesse: I'M BEGGING YOU!

      (Gerald points the gun at him)

      [Pull the trigger]

      [Let him redeem himself]

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    • Narrator: *Looks at Order*

      Order: You've had your chance, Jesse. Kill him, Gerald.

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    • Mariana: Dad, I don't want you to become a bad person.

      Kyle: You know what's gonna happen if you kill this man. Sharon's gonna leave your ass and take the kids. Don't do it, for both your sakes.

      Gerald: I don't know what to do.

      Jesse: Please, don't kill me!

      Kyle: Your choice, Gerald. Get revenge and lose your family, or let this man live.

      (Gerald throws the gun)

      Gerald: We're not killing him.

      Ava: What? After everything he's done?

      Gerald: Two wrongs don't make a right.

      Jesse: Thank you! Thank you!

      (Gerald locks Jesse up)

      Gerald: If you learn your lesson you'll be let out in a few months)

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    • Order: *Looks down*

      Narrator: *Glances at her* I should be mad at you.

      Order: *Keeps looking down*

      Narrator: But I'm not.

      Order: W-

      Narrator: You hate killing people. Innocent people. You thought Jesse wasn't innocent anymore. He reminded me too much of a certain... someone. I'm not mad, Order. *Leaves*

      Order: *Grabs gun once she's alone and puts it in her inventory*

      Order: *Thinking* I can't kill him. Not anymore. It'll be murder. *Leaves*

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    • Mariana: I really appreciate you listening to me.

      Gerald: I want what's best for my family.

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    • Narrator: *Notices Order walking beside him* I'm surprised you didn't just take the gun and pull the trigger.

      Order: I don't want to murder someone, Narrator. Gerald made his choice, I'll stand by it as long as I can.

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    • Mariana: I don't feel good.

      Gerald: Come with me. We'll find you some medicine.

      (Gerald gets her some medicine)

      Kyle: Glad you did the right thing.

      Gerald: Same.

      Kyle: About what I said...

      Gerald: It's fine. I agree.

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    • Order: *Stares at the wall*

      Narrator: You OK?

      Order: Yeah.

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    • (Gerald returns home)

      Bebe: Dad, can I talk to you?

      Gdrald: Sure.

      Bebe: I started... bleeding last night. What is it?

      Gerald: You're growing up. You're becoming a woman. Talk to your mom about it. I'm not really the best choice.

      (Sharon walks in and glares at Gerald)

      Gerald: What?

      Sharon: Who's Ava?

      Gerald: Oh come on. Just because I talk to a girl doesn't mean I'm cheating.

      Sharon: You barely talk to me.

      Gerald: I'm busy with work. I provide for our kids.

      Sharon: (Leaves)

      Gerald: Oh come on!

      Sharon: Come on kids.

      Mariana: No.

      Butters: Dad, you've always protected me.

      Sharon: Bebe?

      Bebe: I can't, mom.

      Sharon: I'm leaving.

      Gerald: All over the fact that a girl works for me? Stop being a child, Sharon.

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    • Narrator: I'm going for a walk. *Leaves the house*

      Order: *Mumbles an "ok"*

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    • Gerald: Leave. You'll be the poor one. Not me. I have all the money. (Throws a measly 20 emeralds at Sharon)

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    • Narrator: *Walking around*

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    • Butters: Mommy?

      Gerald: She deserted us. She got jealous, and she deserted us!

      Butters: (Recalls a previous incident)

      Butters' Birth Mom: Get out the car! Now, what you gonna do, is you're gonna knock on those houses, and the first one to open is gonna be your new mommy and daddy!

      Butters: But I don't want a new mommy and daddy! I love you, mommy!

      Butters' Birth Mom: Well I don't want you! Get out of my car! (Pushes him out)

      (Present day)

      Gerald: C'mon kids. (Takes them back inside)

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    • Narrator: *Sees Sharon* Oh, hello, Mrs. Donovan.

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    • Mariana: I can't believe she abandoned us!

      (Ava sees and runs over)

      Ava: What's going on?

      Gerald: Me and Sharon are done.

      Ava: Well, if you want another shot... I'm here.

      [Let's have a family]

      [Not interested]

      Gerald: Sure. We could give it a try.

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    • (Ava and Jessie move into Gerald's house)

      Gerald: Let's do dinner.

      Butters: Yeah!

      Gerald: Something that has real nutritional value. We need some real food! Stat! Turn you into a soldier! (Gerald and Butters pretend to punch each other)

      Butters: What are we eating?

      Gerald: We're doing starters first. Creamed spinach. Grow up big and strong.

      Jessie: (Cries) I hat gweens.

      Gerald: You can have a larger main course then.

      Jessie: Wat fow mwain couwse?

      Gerald: Roast chicken, broccoli, garden peas, potatoes...

      Jessie: (Cries) I hat gweens!

      Gerald: Let's make a deal. If you eat all your greens then we'll give a huge piece of Ava's black forest gateau.

      Jessie: Wat?

      Gerald: Cake. Chocolate cake.

      (Jessie claps her hands)

      (Gerald and Ava serve the creamed spinach)

      Mariana: C'mon Jessie. Dad made it straight from his garden. He grew it in his greenhouse.

      Jessie: (tries a spoonful) It vewy nwice!

      Gerald: See? You don't know if you don't like it if you don't try it!

      (Jessie eats it all)

      Gerald: Anyone want some more?

      Jessie: Ywes!

      (Gerald makes her some more)

      (Jessie eats all her main course)

      Gerald: Wow, Jessie. You ate all your vegetables. You'll be a big girl in no time.

      Jessie: Yway! Bwig giwl!

      [Give Jessie Cake]

      [Give Her More Vegetables]

      Gerald: And as promised... (Gets her a huge slice of chocolate cake)

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    • Narrator: *sees Sharon walk off* Hmm.. *Goes back home*

      Order: *Glances at Narrator when he comes in* Back already? Were you jogging or did something happen?

      Narrator:I'm not 100% sure, but don't mention Sharon around Gerald's family right now. Let them talk to us if they want to.

      Order: O....kay?

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    • Gerald: (drinks a beer) So... What do we do now?

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    • (2 days later)

      Ava: Gerald, have you noticed anything about Jessie?

      Gerald: No.

      Ava: She's 2 and 6 months, right?

      Gerald: Yeah.

      Ava: She doesn't know how to walk.

      (Gerald spits out his coffee)

      Gerald: You're joking!

      Ava: No.

      Gerald: Jesse never let her learn to walk?

      Ava: She crawls everywhere.

      (Jessie crawls over to them)

      Ava: Jessie, wanna learn to walk?

      Jessie: Okway.

      (They take her to the park)

      Gerald: Come on. Try.

      (Jessie walks about 2 blocks then falls over)

      Gerald: Oh great. This is gonna be a crying fit.

      (Jessie picks herself back up and continues trying; Gerald has his mouth hanging open)

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    • (That night)

      Mariana: Dad?

      Gerald: Yeah?

      Mariana: Does mom not love us?

      Gerald: Look, sometimes... people grow apart. It doesn't matter if she loves us or not, she's no longer in the picture. I just want you to know that I love you all very much.

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    • (The next day; Gerald buys some burgers)

      Jessie: Dwo dey hav nwails in dwem?

      Gerald: And why would I put nails in it?


      Jesse: Jessie! I bought you a burger!

      (Jessie claps her hands and tries to eat it; Jesse slaps her, takes the top bun off, puts nails in the burger, and puts the top bun back on)

      Jessie: I cwant eat dis!

      Jesse: (points gun at her head) Yes you can. Now eat it! EAT IT!

      (Jessie eats it while crying in pain)

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    • (Sharon arrives at Gerald's house)

      Gerald: What are you doing here? We're done.

      Sharon: Kids. We're leaving. I have custody of you.

      Gerald: Says who? I'm the one with the big house and making 75 emeralds an hour.

      Sharon: Kids. Come on. We're leaving.

      Butters: NO!

      (Gerald points a gun at Sharon)

      Gerald: You touch my kids and I won't hesitate to blow your head off!

      (Sharon grabs Butters and puts him in her car)

      Gerald: YOU! (Runs after her; Bebe and Mariana follow)

      Butters: Dad!

      Gerald: Hang on, Gabriel!

      (Sharon grabs Bebe and Mariana and puts them in her car; she drives off)

      Jessie: Bwuttuws!!!!!

      Ava: What do we do?

      Gerald: Been saving this for Butters when he's older, but...

      (Hops on a motorcycle)

      Gerald: Ava, stay with Jessie. She doesn't need to see anymore death.

      (Gerald rides off)

      [2 hours later]

      (Gerald sees Bebe lying on the floor)

      Gerald: NO!

      (Stops and goes over to her)

      Bebe: I... tried...

      (She's covered in blood)

      Gerald: No!

      Bebe: I tried to... stop her, dad. She wouldn't. I... jumped out the... window.

      Gerald: We'll take you back to Ava! She'll help you!

      (He picks her up; Kyle is walking by)

      Kyle: Holy goddamn. (Runs over)

      Gerald: Take Bebe back to my house. Please! I'll pay you extra!

      (He grabs her and legs it to Gerald's house)

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    • Narrator: *Rocketing down the street with Order in tow* I saw it, Order.

      Order: I don't doubt you! Where'd the car go?!

      Narrator: Follow me! *Finally sees Gerald up ahead* He's been following them, so he should know where they were taken.

      Order: *Speeds up a bit* GERALD! DO YOU NEED BACKUP?! *Shouts*

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    • Gerald: Yeah! C'mon!

      [6 hours later]

      Gerald: Oh, God!

      (The car has crashed and a group of zombies are by it)

      Gerald: No!

      (He runs over and sees Sharon's dead body; she has a hole in her head and she looks like she turned into a zombie)

      Gerald: Oh, God, Sharon!

      (He looks around and sees Butters, covered in blood and extremely pale; he has lost a lot of health and is down to half a heart)

      Gerald: Gabriel!

      Butters: Dad... Where's... Bebe?

      Gerald: She's safe, buddy.

      Butters: Where's... Mariana?

      Gerald: I don't know.

      Butters: She went to get help. You have to find her.

      Gerald: We'll find her, buddy. But right now, you need medical help.

      (Ava finds Gerald with Jessie in her hands)

      Butters: Ava... Have you seen Mariana?

      Ava: No!

      Gerald: Ava, stay with Butters. I'll go look for Mariana.

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    • Narrator: *Already been out looking for Maariana* MARIANA! Are you out there?!

      Order: *Searching in another area*

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    • Gerald: (Finds Mariana; she's unconscious, very pale, and covered in blood)

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    • Gerald: Oh, God, Mari!

      Mariana: (Coughs) Dad?

      Gerald: Are you okay?

      Mariana: I'm fine. Where's mom?

      Gerald: The zombies got her!

      Mariana: What? Is she okay?

      Gerald: She's...

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    • Narrator: *Comes over with Order* She's dead.

      Order: Harsh!

      Narrator: We'll there's no use sugarcoating it!

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    • (3 weeks later)

      (Gerald and the others have built a memorial wall; photos of Ellegaard, Sharon, Oval, Jesse, and Magnus appear on it)

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    • Order: *stares at the wall* ...

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    • Gerald: (Looks outside Prescott gates) Guys, prepare yourself for another zombie attack...

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    • [Episode 5: From The Gallows]

      • You destroyed Jesse's skull.
      • Order told Gerald to kill Jesse, but Kyle and Mariana convinced him not to.
      • When Sharon left you, all your kids stayed with you.
      • You told Ava you wanted to start a relationship with her.
      • You chased after Sharon.
      • Sharon took all three kids, but Sharon didn't survive the journey.
      • You built a memorial wall with photos of Ellie, Sharon, Oval, Jesse, and Magnus on it.
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