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Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay - Part 18

They do stuff n stuff
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Gerald: Don't worry love. You are what you eat.

Randy: (Laughs hysterically)

Gerald: This guy gets it!

Ellegaard: What are you implying?
Gerald: I called you a cow.

Wolf and Gang: *Staying on the side*

Michelle: I told you! The bridge was destroyed!

Derek: I just wanted to get out of here *slip on the platform, (its raining)) AHHHHHHHH *Splash*

Guards: *Driving onto the scene*

Maria: We gotta jump!

Dan: no way!

Ivan: *Grabs Dan and Jumps*

Wolf: BUT!

Maria: *Pushes Wolf and Jumps herself*

Michelle: *Is shot at, but jumps*

(They go to a diner)

Radar: Again, I love seafood!

Gerald: Eat it before Ellegaard does then.

(End of Part 18)


Wolf: *Wakes up on a beach*

Maria: Oh thank god! You're ok! *Hugs Wolf*

Wolf: Your crushing meeee

Derek: Let's just get in the dang quarintine zone

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