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Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay - Part 10

Gerald and most of Prescott are digging for redstone.
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Gerald: It's also the same as doing nothing. Jessie was the most hated person period so someone else would've done it anyway.
Ellegaard: Whatever. Let's just focus on stopping the end of the world.
Randy: What if this is like a Patient Zero thing? We have to kill the first guy who became a zombie?
Gerald: No. That only happens in the movies. And it only works if thet were literally the only person who had it.
Randy: Oh. Okay.
Ellegaard: C'mon. We should find more redstone in this Mineshaft.
Gerald: Good call.
Ivor: Yes. Let's.
Lukas: I hope Olivia's holding up okay.

Gerald: To make sure, we should find as much redstone as possible.

(End of Part 10)

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