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Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay - Part 5

Concluding last part, Jessie has wreaked havoc on Prescott and Ellegaard has crashed her truck into Prescott's wall, causing the truck to explode with her in it. Eric and Emily from the Mossy Wangs have arrived at Prescott.

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Bebe: I saw him too.

Ivor: I don't want to start another side quest, but his parents are dead. The least we could do is collect him from the resort and take care of him.

Olivia: We could find Axel!

Lukas: And anyone else we know who could be there.
Gerald: How could we get in?

Randy: (scratches head)

Gerald: We need to focus on OUR survical. But I think we should collect Kyle.
Ivor: We heading out?

(Everyone looks at Gerald)

Gerald: Eh, what the heck.

(End of Part 5)

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