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Jessie's Story

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(Well holy heck)

(Ava returns to her house)

Jessie: (Bursts into tears)

Ava: What's up?

Jessie: Hungwy!

(Ava makes her a bottle)

Jessie: Fwank you.

(She drinks it)

Gerald: (at the bar; looks at the "JESSE GET OUT" sign) He's bound to cause trouble again soon.

Randy: You think?

Gerald: Yeah.

Von Miller: What about Jessie?

Gerald: She's safe with Ava.

Order: *Was walking home with groceries and overheard* You sure? Jesse could try to kidnap her or something. I wouldn't put it past him.

Gerald: He does one more thing and he's getting exiled.

Randy: Is Jessie safe?

Gerald: Ava's taking care of her. She feeds her the right stuff, like milk, not god damn potatoes. She plays with her instead of isolating her, she buys her clothes and takes her out with her. Jessie is really happy in her new home.

(Gerald goes to visit Ava)

Gerald: How you doing?

Ava: Just taking my daughter to EnderCon.

(Jessie immediately crawls upstairs and changes into her outdoor clothes)

(Gerald gives her 500 emeralds)

Gerald: Really treat her. She's earned it.

Jessie: Is mwomy gwonna bwuy mwe pwesents?

Gerald: Yeah. She is.

Order: Well holy heck. I guess we can't worry about him. I doubt he wants to be exiled.
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