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MCSMRP Bonuses - Oval's story

Title says it all
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Gerald: Mr... Oval? I have some bad news for you.

"Now I am ready." sighed Oval.

He stepped towardss the amass of dead bodies in the cavern they order found Soren. He looked behind him to see the dome landing.

"Ellegaard." he sighed.

"I can feel it already. Dead. I can just feel it."

Oval's robotic eye whirred around. He felt flashbacks soar through his mind.

He said 'no' to himself.

He stepped into the cavern and found the Nether Star from the Wither. He picked it up, placed it to his heart, and the cavern exploded in a field of light. The only thing left was a green nether star and a block of stone, sitting in the remains from the cavern.

Gerald: Oval, I'm with the NSM, or National Security Minecraftia.

Gerald: Holy Worldcraftia. (Picks up the Nether Star and buries it)


The sky turned green and massive green fireballs rained from the sky, aiming towards the area it was buried.

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