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MCSMRP Bonuses - Gabriel's Story

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Gerald: Huh? (Reads it) Bad side? Man. Ellegaard must really want to punish Gabriel.

(Ellegaard gets out of his head)

Ellegaard: Sorry. Won't see ya!

[25 years later]

Gerald: Man. Can't believe it's been 25 years.

Randy: Yeah. Wonder what happened to Gabriel.

Gerald: I think I know.

Kyle: What?

Gerald: I think he lived happily ever after.


Gabriel: Okay, we've found so many new things but it's time to go home. I doubt anyone remembers us anyway.

Mark: Whatever you say boss.

Sally: Kids, let's go.

GJ: Dad, why do we have to leave now?

Gabrigaard: Gabriel, you should know that we don't belong here. Who discovers planets for a living?

Gabriel: That's enough kids. With the photos we took we'll be rich again!

Mark: Let's go!

(they sail back to Earth and crash next to Gerald's company)

(Gabriel steps out)

Gabriel: What? No welcoming committee?

Gerald: Hey dude. Enjoy your space protocol?

Gabriel: Jerry! Long time no see. We've found a lot of new things and evidence too! I hope my original mob servants didn't disturb you.

(shows pictures of the planets)

Gabriel: To think that years ago you tried to kill me in the Hell Portal...

Gerald: 25 years changes a lot. I'll pay you for these discoveries. The NSM will be impressed!


Gabriel: Thanks! Now that I'm back with my army here, I could help you get rid of the city's crime. We'll have a perfect city!

Gerald: Sure. By the way, remember Ivor?


Gabriel: Yeah, he used to be my group's alchemist. One day he turned into a real jerk though.

Gerald: He's dead. Died last week. He was 65.

Gabriel: Might as well pay my respects to him and Ellegaard.

(Gabriel's family pays their respects, receives money for their discoveries, buys back their estate, and live happy)

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