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RP Finale - Part 47

Lukas Kierkegaard is acting suspiciously.
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[Jesse doesn't marry and officially adopts EJ and MJ]

[Soren also doesn't remarry and looks after his children]

[Randy lives with his wife Annie and has two sons and a daughter]

[Kenney still lives with his wife Carol and his two sons]

[Butters becomes king of Redstonia after Gerald abdicates]

[Kyle becomes the new DJ at EnderCon and marries a woman called Meagan]

[25 years later]

[They have built a statue of Ivor who died of natural causes aged 64]

[They take a picture using the new camera that has just been invented]

Randy: I can't believe it's been 25 years.

Gerald: Yeah. I wish Ellegaard could have seen it.

Soren: Without her, none of us would be here.

Gerald: Yeah.

Randy: You think there's still some cake left?

Gerald: Probably.

[They walk off]

[End of RP]

Obvious Regular Show ripoff is obvious.
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