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Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay 2 - Part 1

All three Orders and the Ocelots are stuck in the portal room.
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[Ben and Lukas kick Gabriel off the ship]


[Gabriel swims back up and kicks them off the ship]

Lukas: That's our ship you idiot!

[Throws him off again and quickly sails away]


Gabriel: You don't even own it! [catches up using motor boat and throws them off again]

[Lukas kicks him off again]

Lukas: Piece O crap!


[Gabriel kicks Lukas off again]

[Police force Gabriel off]

[Ellegaard starts to cry]

Ben: What's wrong?

Ellegaard: Every boyfriend I have, I mess it up. Soren, Magnus, Ivor, Gabriel, Jesse... I messed up real bad. I hurt them, physically and mentally.

Ben: Say you're sorry.

Ellegaard: That never works!

Ben: No! Genuine! A full in depth apology letter!

Ellegaard: Okay.


Petra: Here are your chicken nuggets, Magnus.

Magnus: Thank you!

[Magnus eats it and eats cupcakes for dessert]

[Petra calls hospital]

Doctor: Yes?

Petra: My boyfriend literally only eats chicken nuggets, cupcakes, and nothing else! What do I do?

Doctor: [laughing] Put him on Freaky Eaters!

[Petra puts him on freaky eaters]

I only cringed 47 times.
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